With the exponential explosion of the IT Industry, skilled Professionals within the Industry are in demand more than ever. The challenges facing them, however, are also exponentially greater than those of yesteryear. IT Pro’s are required to know more and more about emerging technologies, methodologies, business skills and network infrastructures.

While as exciting as new technology is, just as this bright group of professionals begins to understand the newest age, yet still newer technologies emerge, with more vigor than ever before and offering more incredible capabilities. And so the cycle continues. A cycle that, as an IT Pro, one cannot escape. The individuals who do not embrace the dynamics of the changing technology and business world, face certain skills obsolescence. 

Training courses to teach new age skills are plentiful and widely available. Most of them are very effective for the Industry newcomer, imparting as much as one can to an inexperienced IT graduate. None of them are designed to re-skill the highly experienced professional by paying some respect to the knowledge and experience attained over many years.

ADAPT2TM training courses address these exact gaps and more. ADAPT2TM is about bridging the gap between studies and the workplace. ADAPT2TM is about leveraging the paradigms students are currently familiar with to learn new skills.