ADAPT2äJava for COBOL Programmers

The increasing worldwide demand for Java developers provides an ideal opportunity for existing legacy programmers to re-engineer their skills set and  avoid capability obsolescence. The ADAPT2äJava for COBOL Programmers Course is unique in assisting COBOL programmers  to make the transition from a structural programming paradigm to an Object Oriented (OO) paradigm by continually referencing their experience as COBOL system developers.


The course is specifically aimed at COBOL programmers of any level. Knowledge of and experience in COBOL are the only prerequisites for entrance to this course.


The motivation to re-engineer a person’s skill set to include Java, centres around:

·         The growing need to increase developer and programmer productivity

·         The adoption of the client/server computing model

·         The increasing use of Java as the standard driving the Internet

·         The industry shift from a structure-based programming paradigm to a more natural Object Oriented (OO) paradigm.

 The ADAPT2TMJAVA for COBOL Programmers Course

The ADAPT2ä Java for COBOL Programmers course consists of an initial five-day introduction to Object Technology and the Java language, followed by an intensive seven-day immersion in Java and advanced Java programming techniques. The two sessions, Introductory and Advanced, can either run concurrently or be separated by two to three weeks, which is the recommended approach as it allows the students to become more familiar with the Java development environment before attending the advanced course.

The course utilises the existing knowledge and experience gained by the COBOL programmer to enable an easy transition to the more popular Object Oriented languages. Although Java and COBOL are seemingly disparate in appearance, both languages share similar concepts.

A strong foundation is created at the beginning of the course to assist learners with the paradigm shift to object technology. This is essential as object technology serves as the conceptual foundation for the Java language. Java features and syntax are presented and compared to similar features and syntax that exist in COBOL.

Course Materials

Students will be provided with prerequisite reading material before the start of the course to enhance their learning experience. All ADAPT2Java course materials are supplied to the students.

Course Outline                                                                        

Session One     : An Introduction to Objects

Session Two     : Object Oriented Programming

Session Three   : Java Structure versus Cobol

Session Four     : Variable Declaration in Java

Session Five      : Computing with Java

Session Six       :  Exception Handling

Session Seven   : Conditional Processing and Decision Making 

Session Eight    : Java Loops

Session Nine     : Making Use of Objects, Methods and Classes

Session Ten      : Array Handling in Java

Session Eleven  : Data Access : A Sneak Preview

Session Twelve  : Adapt2Java Advanced : A Sneak Preview 

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