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The ADAPT2 study programme was born out of the need to Accelerate the Development And Productivity of Information Technology Professionals in business. 

Initially branded as ADAPT, the programme consists of two key components, namely Skills Upliftment Product Offerings (SDPO), a skills upliftment program designed for the relatively inexperienced Computer User or IT Practitioner; and Skills Re-Engineering Product Offerings (SRPO), designed for the sophisticated IT practitioner, to re-engineer legacy systems development skills to current technologies. Each offering consists of a number of unique training course designed to address very specific areas in the IT Training Industry.

The original ADAPT programme is designed to address the gap in transitioning an IT Graduate into the real world of business. ADAPT2_IT_Fundamentals, initially designed primarily to address the upskilling of the South African previously disadvantaged community, teaches application of skills learned in various IT curriculums, increasing  and enhancing productivity and ongoing development of newly recruited IT professionals.ADAPT2_Personal Computing , also designed to uplift community computer skill levels, provides the computer-illiterate user with a firm starting point from which to move forward and grow in the world of computing. 




ADAPT has evolved since 1997, the pre-Y2K age, into ADAPT2, addressing at a far more sophisticated level, technical skills development, required for the new Millenium. 

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ADAPT2 is a unique Training Methodology, designed to provide established IT practitioners with the opportunity to master new and emerging technologies

ADAPT2 re-engineers legacy skill: It facilitates the re-skilling of programmers, analysts and IT pro's on a sustainable basis to keep up with the rapidly evolving technology environment.

The premiss of ADAPT2 is that previous knowledge and experience is a valuable foundation on which to build and expand individual skill sets. It enables programmers and analysts with a legacy background to re-skill themselves in methodologies and languages utilised in the object-oriented paradigm. And it assists in future-proofing the employer's human resources asset. The investment in training expensive IT resources retains its value in the constantly changing technological world, and serves as a foundation for further and future skills capital.   Target Market


The latest product offering in the ADAPT2Training Series 

  for COBOL programmers ....

 ADAPT2Java for COBOL Programmers

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